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The Enigma machine is considered as one of the best known cryptographic machines ever to be constructed, mainly because of the vital role it played during World War II. It engaged in so many conflicts, that it has been accredited as a contributing factor to the outcome of numerous events during WWII. The significance of the Enigma can be seen in the fact that cracking its messaging code shortened the war by two years.

The machine saw extensive use under military and civilian operations. During active development and production of the Enigma, many alterations came to existence that either improved the security of the mechanism or provided alternative ways of operation. It eventually branched into various models, presenting examples that would pave the way for modern cryptographic mechanisms.

The Public Enigma Simulator

On this site you can download the Public Enigma Simulator which is an exact software replica of the authentic Enigma machines used on the field during World War II. The Public Enigma is free to download and can be used for non-commercial or educational purposes.

The simulator contains 13 Enigma variants developed over a 19 year period (1926-1945). They are constructed and wired in the exact same way as the actual Enigma's. Therefore if you happen to own an original Enigma, the simulator and the machine can interact. It is fully compatible with the real Enigma models and you can decrypt authentic wartime messages or encrypt and decrypt your own messages.

The simulator also features the famous UKW-D reflector. Also known as UKW Dora, this rewirable reflector brought a large improvement to the cryptographic security of the Enigma. However, the UKW-D was not distributed widely and showed little field use. It is a unique component that provides all compatible Enigma machines with a vast amount of combinations.



The Enigma machine hidden within the scenes of World War II presents a mysterious yet fascinating tale of espionage, secrecy and rivalry between opposite forces.

Enigma Machine Story

Outside the context of war another story unravels, showcasing the brilliant minds behind this ingenious device. Thought of being unbreakable at the time, it was inevitably defeated.



The Enigma machine was a product of the early 1900s, it evolved through the years proving further technological advancements in every part of its production.

Enigma Machine Specifications

Manufactured to the highest standards, it was complex enough to cause major trouble to anyone that came across it. This is to show the true creativity and craftsmanship of individuals.