The application replicates all known Enigma Variants in near life like detail. It includes every small detail of the authentic machines. There is a wide variety of machines included, such as the famous naval Enigma M3 and M4. The Zählwerk Enigma's are also featured, incorporating an advanced irregular mechanism. The application also features the re-wirable reflector UKW-D, implemented for the first time as part of a computer simulation! It was released almost at the end of the war but gained instant recognition for its technological advancement. All these (and a little bit more) for free to take home with you.

Public Enigma Simulator ™

Version 1.2 12780 Downloads

Release Log

  • Improved graphics
  • Help file has been disabled for more updates
  • Minor code changes
  • Revised policy and terms of use
  • Major graphics revision for Instant Enigma™


The simulator has been build entirely on Java. It can run on all computer operating systems that support the Java Runtime Environment. The core version required is Java 7. If you have an earlier version of Java please upgrade to version 7 or later. The simulator might behave unexpectedly or crash if used with older versions. Please press the link below to download the latest version of Java. By pressing the link, you will be redirected to Oracle's website.

Java 7 Runtime Environment

Version 7 Update 67


  • Java 7 (or later versions) is required for running the Public Enigma Simulator.
  • Java Runtime Environment is essential for the correct operation of all Public Enigma Bundles.
    You can download the standalone JRE or download the latest JDK with Java SE bundle.
  • By pressing the download button, you will be redirected to Oracle's website where you can download the latest Java edition.